Trade Mission E-Commerce & Export to China; May 2016

The 2016 China e-commerce market has become the largest in the world and is projected to total $1.6 trillion in approximately two years. It might seem that e-commerce is a cost-effective and easy entry to the Chinese market. However, as you might already learnt by now, there are many things to consider. In this trade mission we would like to support and collaboratively explore your (further) possibilities to integrate e-commerce in your online positioning to attract and connect with Chinese (business) customers.

The Netherlands Council of Trade Promotion (NCH) has more than 50 years experience of assisting Dutch companies to do business in China. NCH, CGCB International BV and the Dragons Business Club will organize from 29 May to 5 June 2016 an E-Commerce and Export trade mission to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. During this mission, we will provide plenty of opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs to explore the Chinese market and meet with potential business partners.

The program will moreover help you to better understand the business environment in these cities as well as enable you to establish or expand your business networks. It will include meetings with business leaders and government officials, site visits, and networking receptions.

Why join this mission?

  • Last year almost 419 million Chinese Mainlanders made their purchases online. That is more than any other country in the world. The Chinese e-commerce is mobile driven. This means that every marketing effort to target the Chinese customers need to be designed with the mobile in mind. Chinese customers are demanding and digitally savvy. The past has shown that it is important to put strategies in place to, for instance, prevent your company from being scrutinized and criticized on the web.
  • Consumer demand is a rising power within China’s economy. Chinese consumers are getting richer fast. Urban consumers will double between 2010 and 2020. It is important to note that many Chinese are looking for increased image and status and thus for more sophisticated goods and services and the ability to showcase their purchasing power capabilities. Therefore, there is a high demand for high quality European food and luxury brands. China has become the largest luxury goods purchaser market;
  • During the trade mission you will visit several (Chinese) organizations that have in-depth knowledge about e-commerce e.g.: Alibaba, Chinese e-commerce Associations and Chinese companies, Hangzhou E‐Commerce Industrial Park etc. They will not only share their best practices with you, you will also have the opportunity to ask them your questions.
  • You will gain direct insights about local market conditions and opportunities in China, and will meet potential Chinese business partners and Chinese government officials during a matchmaking event(s);
  • China has an all-in e-commerce business model. Alibaba covers the entire chain: web presence, checkout, processing, fulfillment, logistics and returns. For successful e-commerce it is also important to connect the dots with your offline and other online marketing strategies. E-commerce is definitely not a shortcut to avoid huge retail investments. If Chinese customers aren’t familiar with your brand and can’t verify your brand, or distill trust, there is a good chance that they ignore your online presence. With this in mind, we will explore how you can (further) integrate e-commerce in your existing marketing strategy and tackle your questions as much as possible.
  • During the trade mission there are different matchmaking events that provide you with the opportunity to meet possible Chinese business partners and Chinese government officials.

Participation Fee

For members of the China Business Council of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion or member of the Dragons Business Club: € 2,150.00* (excluding VAT) per person. For non-members: € 2,450.00* (excluding VAT) per person.

 *Companies which are not doing business in China yet can apply for a subsidy of € 1,500.00. (Please contact us for more information).

Above fees include: translation of key information of selected companies/projects, mission booklet, matchmaking services, local transportation (excluding train tickets, internal flights), organization costs of the NCH, the catering and venue costs during all matchmaking events and one dinner.

Costs for travel (i.e. airfare, train tickets), hotel accommodation, meals, entry visa and any other personal expenses and personal interpreters are excluded.

Registration Deadline: Friday, 14 May 2016.

Questions about the program? Click here to download the preliminary mission program

Please contact: Mr. Yin-Kwan Chan: 070-3441515 (0641361290) or [email protected]

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