Chinese Delegation March 2014

2014/3/22: During the Chairman Xi Jinping’s state visiting to the Netherlands, dozens of companies from China and the Netherlands held the Dutch Entrepreneurs Business Forum in The Hague to discuss how to deepen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

This forum is co-organized by the European and American Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands Council for trade promotion(NCH), and Dutch China Trade And Economic Promote Association (DCPETA) in Hague. During the meeting many Chinese and Dutch entrepreneurs were introduced briefly about their respective companies, and exchanged their investment or cooperation intentions.

The next day, in response to the Chinese delegation, CGCB arranged visitation of the Enschede city Government, the Chinese entrepreneurs participated in the Enschede airport investment promotion seminar; in the same day, CGCB also arranged a meeting with the largest real estate construction company in the NL; visited the world flower auction center and several greenhouses companies. The effort and assistant of CGCB have been highly praised by the Chinese delegation.

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3月22日早,由欧美工商会(Eacham)、荷兰贸易促进会(NCH) 、荷兰中国经济贸易促进会和中荷文化经济关系基金会共同主办的“2014中荷企业家经贸论坛”在海牙胜利召开。此次会议包括中荷两国企业家以及各界人士,共计120人出席。荷兰贸易促进会(NCH)主席兼中国商会主席尤库姆•哈克马出席论坛并致开幕词。随后,二十多位中荷企业家代表进行了主题演讲,他们各自介绍了企业、项目的基本情况,以及合作意向, 荷兰方面重点推荐了有关城市轨道交通、环保、农业、电动车、跑车、红酒和投融资合作等领域的合作机会。

翌日, 荷兰联合国际(CGCB)应中国企业的要求,在极短时间内安排了中方企业家拜访恩斯赫德市政府,询问了解荷兰投资环境情况,参加了恩斯赫德机场重建投资推介会并与市长等高级地方政府官员合影;随后CGCB又带领着企业家们拜访了荷兰最大的房地产建设公司,参观了荷兰鲜花交易市场和几家绿色温室大棚基地。CGCB的专业和协助得到了考察团的一致好评。

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Mohammed Iaallala 先生,陈远君先生和Boudewijn Poldermans先生(上图右三位)携中国代表与荷兰恩斯赫德市市长合影留念。